Backyard Fun For The Home Alone Dog Seminar

Do you know what your dog is doing right now? If he’s one of the many thousands of bored dogs in Brisbane he’s probably redesigning your living space. Congratulations, you’ve become a part of the latest craze in home renovations, bored dog décor.

Bored dog décor employs a modern twist to the old favourite, Shabby Chic – with an emphasis on ‘Shabby’. The most popular applications of bored dog décor include the shredded lounge suite, the up-ended rubbish bin, the un-stuffed pillow and the rustic chair leg. Equally, the outdoor space has not escaped the attention of these clever canines where dirt pits, the absence of lawn, exhumed irrigation and unearthed plants are all currently in vogue.

Many dogs are also applying their skills to fashion where the trend seems to be gnawed shoes, aerated under-garments and designer crunched spectacles. Apparently, dogs prefer to target the most expensive fashion items for their special brand of make-over.

If your dog’s decorating instincts are not to your liking, then you might consider attending our, “Backyard Fun for the Home Alone Dog”. This seminar was originally held last year and was such a resounding success that many people missed out on attending due to limited spaces. Those lucky enough to attend were thrilled with our ingenious ideas for alleviating boredom in dogs and implemented them immediately.

We will again share our tips and secrets on employing dogs in a more constructive manner, helping them to lead more stimulating and enriched lives. Entertaining your dog need not be expensive. Try using an empty plastic milk bottle or a soft drink bottle as a piñata, simply cut holes in the plastic, fill with treats and tie from a pergola or tree. Treasure hunts are also a great idea; make your dog hunt for his food! Instead of feeding your dog out of a bowl, hide his daily food in tiny amounts around the yard or house.

The seminar will be held on Monday 9th November, 6:30pm – 9:00pm at our training grounds located at South Brisbane Softball Association, Preston Rd, Carina. The cost is $35 per person. This includes Goodie Bag containing product samples, vouchers and discount coupons. All profits will be donated Canine Helpers for the Disabled, who train assistance dogs for people with a disability. All are welcome; however places are limited so bookings are essential. For more information please visit our website. If you are planning to attend please enrol here.


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