Successful Puppy Management

Setting Trevor up for success is crucial to raising a well mannered puppy. We will not put Trevor  into positions where he can make bad choices. Here are some of the ways we will set him up for success:


Trevor will not have unrestricted access to our home, not even for one minute! If no one is available to supervise him he will be crated, put into a pen or simply attached to our waist with his lead and keep him with us. This way we can go about our daily business confident in the knowledge that no harm will come to him or our belongings. As he matures we gradually allow extra privileges in our house.



When visitors arrive Trevor will be popped into his playpen. When he is calm he will be let out of his pen and visitors will be instructed to ask him to sit before greeting him and usually giving him a treat. If we have visitors that are non-compliant Trevor will be given a Kong in his play pen where he will remain until the visitors leave.


Toilet Training

Trevor will be taken outside every hour AND after meals, drinking, playing or sleeping. If he is having free time in the house he will have either Paul or myself dedicated to watching him 100% of the time. At night time he will sleep in his crate in our bedroom and we will set the alarm to take him out to the toilet a couple of times a night. If we go to bed at 10:30pm and wake up at 7:00am we will set the alarm for 1:30am and 4:30am.



We will puppy proof our home and yard to the best of our ability. Nothing will be left on the floor or anywhere he can reach. Toilet doors will be closed and wardrobe doors will be closed. Although we will supervise him when he’s having free time we don’t want to be constantly calling him or moving him away from things as that will only serve to make these rooms more interesting to him.


Coming when called

From very early days Trevor will get LOADS of time off lead in safe places. We don’t want being off lead to be a novel experience for him. If being off lead is novel he’ll be much less likely to come when he’s called.


Pulling On Lead

Whenever Trevor is attached to a lead we will NEVER take a step forward if there is any tension in the lead. If we need to get somewhere quickly we will pick him up and carry him rather than allow him to pull on lead.


Resource Guarding

We will constantly trade Trevor for things his has in his mouth. For example, if he has a leaf in his mouth we will pick up another leaf and make a big deal of our leaf. When he indicates he wants our leaf we will trade him for his now boring leaf. We will trade his toys for treats etc.


Door Dashing

Before Trevor has impulse control and has been trained to sit at open doors, garage doors, gates and car doors he will be leashed and/or tethered before any door is opened in his presence.



Access to our stairs will be blocked and or baby gated. Puppies can tumble down the stairs in the blink of an eye hurting themselves severely at a minimum. Many puppies can even fit between the railings on staircases.



When we are eating Trevor will be placed into his playpen so that we can eat in peace and not worry about where he might be or have him begging at the table. When we feel up to it we will train him to sit quietly on a mat while we eat.



Puppies get over-tired just like children do and as a result become obnoxious, ill-tempered and upset. Trevor will be put down for a sleep in his crate/playpen area regularly. At 8-10 weeks he will be put down for a sleep after 45mins or so of awake time.



Trevor will be provided with mental stimulation in various different forms on a regular basis. He will have his toys rotated daily to keep interest in them. He will be given different food puzzles regularly. We’ll play fun games with him like hide the treat, hide-n-seek etc. We will also do regular short training exercises. Structured activities stop him from looking for something to do and making a bad choice!


Meeting Other Dogs On Lead

Trevor will only be permitted to meet other dogs on lead if he is calm and responsive to us. He will then be asked to sit after which he will be expected to walk on a nice loose lead to reach the other dog before saying hello. We will keep the leash slack during the greeting.


Food Guarding

Trevor will not be fed away from things. He will be fed in a busy area of our house. This is so that he gets used to eating with activity going on around him rather than being alone with his food. Puppies that get used to eating alone in a laundry or outdoors often turn into food guarders.

Dog Treat Jar

Dog Treat Jar

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