Why We Are Getting A Second Dog

We WANT two dogs. We’re not getting another dog to keep Stevie (our current dog) happy or to keep him company. We’re not getting another dog because one of us wants one, or so that we can have a dog each. We have discussed the pros and cons as a couple and decided as a couple that we would like to have two dogs.

We have the means to care for two dogs. Having two dogs costs twice as much money. Every cost you incur you incur twice, food, vet bills, worming & flea treatments, pet insurance and all the other costs associated with having a dog. We have budgeted for this and know we can afford it.

We are ready to raise and train another dog. We have the time to put into it. We know that for at least the next 12 months we will be wholly committed to raising our second dog to be a happy, well adjusted and behaviourally healthy dog. This will mean socialising and training – even when we don’t feel like it. Our puppy’s development will not stop just because we’re busy! We need to make time even if we are tired, busy or working long hours. We will sometimes need to forgo social events or some things we’d like to do in favour of tending to our puppy’s long term well-being.

We know that Stevie will cope well with the addition of another dog to our family. He is behaviourally healthy and well trained. We understand that he may not be thrilled with having a puppy around him constantly, just as we may not be thrilled with having to spend our entire day every day with a one year old child. We have made provisions so that he can have space and time away from an annoying puppy when he needs it.

We hope to be able to use our puppy to demonstrate with in classes and as he gets older to take some of the workload off Stevie’s shoulders.

Trevor's Litter Photographed By Zoo Studios - Animal Art Photography

Trevor's Litter Photographed By Zoo Studios - Animal Art Photography

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