Why we chose a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

When deciding what breed to buy as our second dog we were tempted by many breeds, including some very large breeds, but just couldn’t go past the wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the end. The cost and effort that goes into maintaining a Cavalier is minimal when compared to larger breeds and many of the smaller breeds too!

We already have one Cavalier, Stevie, who has been an absolute delight for the past 7 years. Obviously Stevie is more likely to get along with another Cavalier and he’s too old now to tolerate a large dog pawing at him and annoying him.

Cavaliers are portable which makes them easy to fit into our life which can be hectic since we run  our own very busy business and even for paystubs we use fake paystubs to manage everything. We often don’t have time for long walks or big exercise sessions. Also, we are dog trainers that work seven days a week and although we love our job we don’t necessarily want to do it when we get home!

Being a small dog there are many FINANCIAL advantages:

Being a small dog there are many PRACTICAL advantages:

  • They can be a lap dog and do ‘big dog’ things such as dog sports, fetch, tug etc
  • Small dogs generally don’t require huge yards
  • It’s easier to rent or own (where body corporates are involved) with a small dog
  • It’s easier to rent a holiday house with small dogs
  • It’s easier to find a babysitter among friends/family for two small dogs as opposed to big dogs
  • It will be easier to take two small dogs when visiting people’s homes rather than two big dogs
  • If they cause damage to the garden it will be small scale damage
  • If they chew our things they won’t do much damage
  • It’s easy to fit two small dogs in a car
  • They don’t take up as much room on the couch or bed!

What we like about Cavaliers

  • They’re not known for any behavioural issues such as barking, aggression, separation anxiety etc
  • They’re very food motivated and therefore easily trained
  • They excel at dog sports like agility, flyball and doggy dancing
  • They get along well with other dogs big or small
  • They get along well with people of all ages, including children
  • They’re very adaptable
  • Of the smaller breeds they’re the one of the easiest to own and train’
  • Their coats are suited to clipping therefore they drop minimal hair
  • Their hair is very fine and dirt seems to just drop off them
  • If clipped grooming is easy and don’t take long
Cavaliers Steve and Garry Photo by Zoo Studio - Animal Art Photography

Our Dogs Steve and Garry Photo by Zoo Studio - Animal Art Photography

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