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Backyard Fun For The Home Alone Dog Seminar

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Do you know what your dog is doing right now? If he’s one of the many thousands of bored dogs in Brisbane he’s probably redesigning your living space. Congratulations, you’ve become a part of the latest craze in home renovations, bored dog décor.

Bored dog décor employs a modern twist to the old favourite, Shabby Chic – with an emphasis on ‘Shabby’. The most popular applications of bored dog décor include the shredded lounge suite, the up-ended rubbish bin, the un-stuffed pillow and the rustic chair leg. Equally, the outdoor space has not escaped the attention of these clever canines where dirt pits, the absence of lawn, exhumed irrigation and unearthed plants are all currently in vogue. (more…)